Ear Blackhead Extraction

Blackheads can appear almost anywhere, but they are most common on the face. When they occur in the ears, they can be difficult to eliminate.

It is easy to overlook the ears when washing. Also, a person may not always thoroughly rinse away hair products, which can remain in or on the ears. A buildup of shampoo or dirt can cause blackheads to develop.

Specific ingredients in skincare products were designed to unclog pores, and they may be useful in treating blackheads. Blackheads can also be removed using a tool, but a person should not attempt this at home.

Enilsa Brown is a Texas-based skin care specialist with her own clinic/spa. She also has a popular YouTube channel. In today’s clip, we get to see her in action as she extracts a rather large blackhead from a patient’s ear.

The outer ear, where blackheads can appear, captures sound, helps with balance, and protects the more sensitive inner ear.

The skin of the outer ear needs to be treated with care because it is so close to the inner structures of the ear, which are delicate and crucial for hearing.

The following methods can be used to clear blackheads even in vulnerable areas such as the ears.

Many skincare products designed for the face can also be used, with care, in the ears.

The American Academy of Dermatology suggest that salicylic acid can be effective in cleaning pores.

People can use over-the-counter cleansers or masks with this ingredient to get rid of blackheads in the ear, though a doctor may prescribe a stronger product.

Salicylic acid is a type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA). It contains aspirin, so a person with an aspirin allergy should not use a product containing this ingredient. BHAs are chemical exfoliants, which means that they can remove oil and dirt from pores without needing to be rubbed into the skin.

People should be careful not to get these products too close to the ear canal, which is the tube connecting the outer ear to the eardrum.

It may take a few days or weeks to see effects. Using salicylic acid may also help to prevent blackheads from forming, and people can incorporate these products into a skincare routine.

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