The Biggest Epidermoid Cyst

Epidermoid cyst that has grown so superficially and has created a big “blackhead” on top so that it looks like a pore of Winer but as you can see in the video, there’s a cyst with cyst content and a cyst wall. We sent it for pathology and it was confirmed to me a benign epidermoid cyst microscopically.

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An epidermoid cyst or epidermal inclusion cyst is a benign cyst usually found on the skin. The cyst develops out of ectodermal tissue. Histologically, it is made of a thin layer of squamous epithelium.

Signs and symptoms

The epidermoid cyst may have no symptoms, or it may hurt when touched. It can release pus. It is very common for women on the major or minor labia. In contrast to pilar cysts, epidermoid cysts are usually present on parts of the body with relatively little hair. An epidermoid cyst is one type of vaginal cyst.

Occasionally, an epidermoid cyst will present with trigeminal neuralgia.

Although they are not malignant, there are rare cases of malignant tumors arising from an epidermoid cyst.

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